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Making a smart investment involves hours of extensive research, industry knowledge, and training; be it stocks or bonds or commodities. With myriads of options and tons of data, currency trading is a kind of investment that needs no hassle on your part. Just an expert service like Ginger Capital Group Limited.

Witness your capital grow every day, with Ginger Capital Forex and cryptocurrency trading platform.







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How Ginger Capital Trading Works

Ginger Capital is a 100 % legitimate, reliable, and secure online trading platform. It is a profitable investment program that works on the basic principle of making money through forex and cryptocurrency trading and distributing the profits among our investors. We have expert traders who can read signals and assess the market to make smarter investments for our users.

Invest Today, Start Earning Tomorrow

Take a look at our exclusive features that will help you decide on your investment. Be assured, your money is in safe hands.

  • Professionalism

    Highly skilled team of expert traders with extensive experience in forex and cryptocurrency trading.

  • Safety

    Your safety is our priority. Our website and platform are highly secure for your transactions.

  • Swiftness

    Your profit is transferred to your digital wallet without any processing time via secure methods.

  • Timeliness

    You can be sure of timely payments and no processing delays for all your profits.

Our Investment Plans

We offer 3 basic investment plans for our esteemed investors. You can pick one that suits you best and start making daily profits of up to 11% for a fixed term of 30 days.

7.0 % Daily
0.30% Hourly
  • Minimum Deposit 20 USD
  • Maximum Deposit 500 USD
  • Daily for 30 days
  • Principal Included
9.0 % Daily
0.38% Hourly
  • Minimum Deposit 501 USD
  • Maximum Deposit 5000 USD
  • Daily for 30 days
  • Principal Included
11.0 % Daily
0.46% Hourly
  • Minimum Deposit 5001 USD
  • Maximum Deposit 50000 USD
  • Daily for 30 days
  • Principal Included

Our Investment Statistics

Not every one of our clients is an expert trader. But there is nothing to worry about when you take a look at our stats and find out how our investors earn profits every day.

  • 56
  • 965
  • $60195.98
  • $21070.59
Calculate Profit

  • $ 0.00
  • $ 0.00
  • $ 0.00
  • Daily Profit
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  • Total Return

Our Latest Transactions

With Ginger Capital’s forex and cryptocurrency trading platform, you get to earn hourly and daily profits which you can easily withdraw instantly. Check out our latest transactions below and see how it works yourself.

Last 10 Deposits
  • Paul +$20
  • Leaderali371 +$250
  • Lazizjon +$59.46
  • Paul +$20
  • Nicolaieroberth1 +$72.6
  • Paul +$20
  • Paul +$20
  • Asn +$120
  • Paul +$20
  • Nicolaieroberth1 +$24.85
Last 10 Withdraws
  • Faiz223 -$3.15
  • Marats13 -$1.5
  • KuznetsovD -$1.56
  • Reza0093 -$3.15
  • Azat -$1.44
  • Andrei -$2
  • Justinecoco29 -$1.61
  • Shahrzad -$6.4
  • Paha639 -$1.08
  • As885418 -$6.84

Our Affiliate System

Ginger Capital is a profitable venture with multiple earning opportunities. Our Affiliate program is one such option where you can make money even without making a direct investment, by inviting more investors to our platform.

Are you good at sales? Do you wish to earn extra money with your marketing skills? As a Ginger Capital Representative, you have the unique opportunity to make extra profits by joining our winning team.

Standard Affiliation

Invite investors to earn more profits

Our affiliate program is a simple referral program to attract more investors. The program works on the principle of multi-level networking where everyone gets to share profits.

As an incentive, for every referral that you make, you get to earn a small percentage of the profit of their transaction amount. The percentage of profit increases on higher levels. Level 3 is a beginner, where you receive 2% of the transaction amount of your referral. The more referrals you make, the higher your level grows. And referrals in turn made by your referred investors also contribute to your referral network and ultimately your higher percentage of profits.

7.0 %
Level 1
5.0 %
Level 2
2.0 %
Level 3

Representative Program

Just another opportunity to make a profit.

Just like our affiliate program, the representative program is also categorized into 3 levels with Level 3 offering as high as 9% of the transaction amount as your commission. The levels are based on the number of products you sell.

9.0 %
Level 1
6.0 %
Level 2
4.0 %
Level 3